Preparation of Youtiao (Fried Bread Stick)



- flour 500g,

- water 250~325g,

- edible oil 25g,

- Baking Powder 15g,

- salt 6g.

Making steps:

Step1: Add the Baking Powder to the flour and mix well by sieving. (Don't dissolve the Baking Powder into the water, otherwise it will fail)

Step2: Dissolve the salt and oil in the water, and then add in the flour. Stir slowly    for 3 minutes and stir quickly for 3 minutes with dough batch . (By manual work: Mix all the raw materials and roll the dough well, then place for 10~20 minutes, fold or lengthen the dough 3~4 times, an interval of 10~20 minutes for each time).Finally, rub the dough until smooth.

Step3: Cover the dough with plastic wrap, place for 0.5~2 hours at room temperature(the time in winter is longer then in the summer), then place the dough in the refrigerating chamber (use after 6 hours, the dough can be kept  for two days).Thaw the dough to room temperature before using, or place for 3~8 hours at the room temperature .

Step4: Lengthen the dough and cut it into small pieces of 2cm wide and 8~10cm long.

Step5: Overlap the two small pieces, stretch to 45 cm, fry in the oil of about 180~220℃, until arising golden brown color.