In sponge cake, the egg is our unit of measure for the proportions between ingredients. The recipe is simple because it consists of only three elements: eggs, sugar, and flour.

It is crucial to use a good quality flour with low protein content (W about 130-150 if you live in Europe, or an All-Purpose Flour if you are in the US). However, if you only have strong flour (such as bread flour), you can replace 10% of its weight with potato starch to limit the formation of gluten. We are quite lucky for the sponge cake because most of the flours on sale in supermarkets are low in proteins. Let's make sure, however, that it is of good quality and contains nothing but flour (e.g., no baking soda).

Ingredients A. Egg mixture 200g, sugar 150g, shortening 16g, water 60g

Ingredients B. Low gluten flour 200g, Baking Powder 6g

Production process:

1. Add material A (egg liquid, shortening, water and sugar) to the egg beater, start the egg beater and stir the sugar at low speed.

2. When the sugar is completely dissolved, switch to high speed and quickly whip to hard foaming, then switch to low speed, add material B (flour and Baking Powder) and mix well.

Test the proportion of egg pulp with a specific volume cup to 0.50±0.01g/ml, quickly fill the mold, bake in the oven for 23 minutes (base fire 185 degrees, surface fire 195 degrees).

Release tips:

1. Preheat the baking pan in the oven, brush the oil while it is hot, and bake with grouting;

2. Choose release oil or solid oil to brush the baking pan, the cake is easier to release.n differ significantly depending on the size you buy.