Preparation of Chiffon Cake



A . 30g castor sugar,60ml water,40ml shortening oil,200g egg yellow.

B . 100g low-gluten flour(special for cake),2g Baking Powder (1~3% amount of flour ).

C. 200~250g egg white,2g Cream of Tartar,100g castor sugar,2g salt.

Making steps:

Step1:Sieve the materials of group B after mixing,then standby;

Step2:Isolate the egg white and egg yellow;

Step3:Dissolve the sugar of group A in water,then add shortening oil and egg yolk in the sugar solution;

Step4:Put the materials of group C into the mixer, whip to shape and form hard foaming.That is sugar protein.

Step5:Mix up step1’s and step 2’s materials to form paste;

Step6:Add 1/3 amount of step4’s sugar protein to step5’s paste,and mix up;

Step7:Mix up the rest amount of step 4 and step 6 to form cake paste.

Step8:Oil the tin before putting the cake paste into the oven,and bake on 150℃ bottom fire,180℃ surface fire for 25~30minutes;

Step9:Take out of the cake ,and place to cooling。

Step10:Decorate it as you like.