Preparation of Bread



high-gluten flour 500g,

fast dry yeast 5g,

sugar 100g,

salt 5g ,

 Baking Powder 10g,

 bread improver 2.5g,

 an egg,

 butter 40g,

 water 200g.


Making steps:

Step1:Sieve the Baking Powder, bread improver, yeast, salt and flour after mixing, standby;

Step2:After the sugar dissolves in the water, add in the sieved flour of step 1 and egg, mix them with mixer at a low-speed until forming dough .

Step3:Add the butter to the dough of step 2, and use dough mixer to stir rapidly until the dough is smooth.

Step4:Cut the cough of step 3 into several pieces,then rub with the hands to a round shape, and put them into the fermenting box for 2 hours at 30℃.

Step5:Put into the oven after step 4, use 200℃and surface fire 180℃ bottom fire, bake for 18 to 20 minutes until the bread turn golden brown.