Preparation of Fried Chicken Cutlet



A.Make coated-powder (or you can buy the ready-made from supermarket).

wheat flour 300g,

corn starch 200g,

Baking Powder 10g ,

salt 5g. 


B.marinated chicken 500g


Making steps:

Step1:Mix coated-powder:water=1:1.5 to make paste,total 15g. Then add in 500g marinated chicken, and mix.

Step2:Cover the chicken with the paste of step 1, and press it to be tight, shake the chicken gently in order to get the squamous shape on the surface.

Step3:Add moderate oil(about 2-3 multiples of the product of step2), fry for about 5-7 minutes at 180℃ .(The frying time depends on your product,golden brown arises on the surface will be ok.)