Double Acting Baking Powder (400g/sachet)

Brand: Guihua
Package: 400g/sachet
Application: making swiss rolls, chiffon cake, buns, bread, fried foods, egg roll, western pastries and bakery food.

Guihua Brand Aluminium-free double action Baking Powder is made from disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate(SAPP), Sodium Bicarbonate, corn starch, etc. It is widely used in wheat flour foods’ fast production, especially suitable for bakery products, such as high-grade cakes,cookies etc. It has strong continuous foaming ability, and can uniformly release gas in different stages,while make the bakery foods soft,puffed, having uniform internal organization structure, fine bubble hole, full of elasticity and gloss, delicate taste and good flavor.


DescriptionA white, free flowing powderConform to requirement
Total CO,  mL/g                                 ≥   35.0114.2
Loss on Drying, %                               ≤3.00.3
Nitric acid-insoluble substances, %     ≤2.00.1
Arsenic,   (mg/kg)                               ≤2.0< 2.0
Heavy Metals (as Pb), (mg/kg)           ≤20< 20
pH(10g/L solution)5.0~9.07.1
Conclusion: This product conforms to requirements of standard GB1886.245.