Peppa Pig Cake

Jun. 01, 2018


1.550gm plain flour (19.4oz)

2.350 gm caster sugar (12.34)

3.¾ cup cocoa powder

4.2 teaspoons Jianshi  Double Action Baking Powder

5.1 teaspoon baking soda

6.3 large eggs ( beaten)

7.¾ cup strong coffee ( cooled)

8.¾ cup buttermilk

9.¾ cup milk

10.125gm melted butter ( cooled)


1.250gm softened butter ( unsalted)

2.250 gm cream cheese ( left out to soften)

3.2 cups pure icing sugar ( sifted)

4.vanilla seeds or extract



1.Mix all the dry ingredients together sifting the flours and then adding the sugar.

2.Mix all the wet ingredients except the butter.

3.Pour the wet ingredients into the dries with the mixer on low . Then add the butter and beat till smooth.

4.Bake in a well lined tin. For approx 50-60 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean from the middle of the cake. Cool and remove, running a knife around the out.


1.The icing should be fluffy and white. Use it to coat the cake in two stages ( as above).

2.If you are using a roll out fondant icing use pure icing sugar to flour the benches. Roll to fit the cake and smooth over with your hands or a smooth tea towel.

3.To attach the sugar figures to the cake use a dab of water on a paint brush or your finger . Or simply lay the cut outs over your favourite icing.

4.Decorate with flowers and animals.

Double Action Baking Powder