Caramel Color

Brand: Jianshi

Our caramel color is made from solid glucose and water.It can be used in soybean sauce, sauce products (including fruit sauce), blend flavoring, candies, biscuits, cocoa and chocolate products, cold drinks, carbonated drinks and solid drinks, rice wine, compound wine, aromatized wine, etc.Our caramel offers excellent color, stable pH, and easy coloring.



Color and appearanceA dark brown, thicken liquid
SmellCaramel smell,no off-smell
clarityNo suspension and sediment
Absorbance ,  Caramel Color(610nm)0.05~0.6
Color ratio, (104 EBC units)1.6~12.1
Ammonia nitrogen*(as NH3),  %  <0.50
Arsenic (As), mg/kg      <1.0
Lead(Pb), mg/kg          <2.0
Heavy metal (as Pb), mg/kg     <25
Sulfur dioxide ,  %          <0.10
Total nitrogen(as N),  %       <3.3
Total Sulfur (as S),  %        <3.5
Total mercury (as Hg) , mg/kg    <0.1
Baume degree(Be,20℃)28~41
Sediment in 17% NaCl solutionNo sediment
Conclusion: This product conforms to requirements of Standard GB1886.64.