Calcium Hydroxide

Brand: Jianshi

Food grade calcium hydroxide is made from natural high quality limestone calcined directly, with high purity and whiteness, and each of its specification reaches the world advanced level. Calcium hydroxide is a kind of buffer agents, neutralization agents, firming agents.It also can be used as acidity regulator in milk powder (including milk powder of sugar),cream milk powder and its productions, baby foods. As processing agent, it can be used in all kinds of foods' processing, and the residual is unlimited. It can be used to make calcium supplement agents, such as calcium propionate, calcium acetate, etc. It also can be used in beer, cheese, cocoa and chocolate products and konjac foods, sugar, water processing etc.



DescriptionA white ,dry free flowing powder
Assay ( Ca(OH)2)96.5%
Carbonate saltsQualified
Magnesium and Alkali Salts0.9%
Acid-Insoluble Substances0.09%
Arsenic( As)< 2mg/kg
Lead(Pb)< 2mg/kg
Head Metals (as Pb)< 10mg/kg
Loss on Drying0.08%
Particle size(0.045mm,325meshes)99.8%
Conclusion: This product conforms to requirements of standard GB25572 .