Calcium Carbonate

Brand: Zhuorui

Our calcium carbonate is made from natural high quality limestone crushed directly, each specification reaches the world advanced level.

Calcium carbonate can be used in all kinds of food. It can be used as leavening agent , flour treating agent and processing agent. It can provide the Ca element for human body directly, but also can be used to make calcium supplement agents.

In some foods(such as chewing gum, chocolate), calcium carbonate is used as enhancer. It can reduce the cost, and can be used as the matrix material.



 DescriptionA white ,dry free flowing powder
Assay ( Ca(OH)2)99.5%
Magnesium and Alkali Salts0.8%
Acid-Insoluble Substances0.09%
 Arsenic( As)< 3mg/kg
Lead(Pb)< 3mg/kg
Loss on Drying0.1%
Dissociate AlkaliConform to requirement
Mercury(Hg)< 1mg/kg
Cadmium(Cd)< 2mg/kg
Conclusion: This product conforms to requirements of standard GB1886.214